In search of lost texts (7)

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson has undertaken a mission to understand the saga of the FBI’s lost text messages and to recover them. Senior FBI management seems to have joined the Resistance. If you can’t fight City Hall, you probably can’t even ask the FBI an uncomfortable question. Senator Johnson now seeks any text messages recovered by Inspector General Michael Horowitz and directs a fresh set of questions to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (letter dated January 31, 2018, embedded below via Scribd).

The questions — see pages 4-5 of the letter — are outstanding. Senator Johnson sets a deadline of February 14 for response. Among his inquiries, for example, is a request for the emails between Secretary Clinton and President Obama while she was on the “territory of a sophisticated adversary.” Senator Johnson, Godspeed.

Rosenstein, incidentally, is the man at Justice who has yet to promulgate a lawful charter to serve as the predicate for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “investigation.” Andrew McCarthy elaborated on Rostenstein’s supervisory failures, most recently, in this National Review column. What is happening here?

For previous installments in this series, which now exceeds Proust’s In Search of Lost Time in number, click here.

2018-01-31 RHJ to DAG Rosenstein (Strzok Page Texts) by Scott Johnson on Scribd


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