“Samantha Power lied to my face”

Samantha Power made a name for herself with a book proclaiming our obligation to stop genocide abroad. Once she took office in the Obama administration, she became an apologist for Obama’s detachment from the catastrophe in Syria and his deal with the genocidal maniacs in Iran, among other things. It’s almost enough to make one question her bona fides, or even to suspect she may be a complete fraud.

Today Tablet has posted Kassem Eid’s letter about his encounter with Power during her tenure as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Prefaced by Tony Badran’s introduction, the letter is published as “‘Samantha Power lied to my face,’ by Kassem Eid.” In addition to Samantha Power, Eid’s letter also takes up misleader of the pack Ben Rhodes.

Eid’s account makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the Obama administration and two of its prominent scoundrels. I learned of it via Twitter (below). Highly recommended.

NOTE: I first read about Kassem Eid in Anne Barnard’s New York Times profile “A weary rebel retreats to fight another day,” also highly recommended.