The Ellison evasion

In his Wall Street Journal column two weeks ago today, Jeryl Bier reported that Minnesota Fifth District Rep./Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Keith Ellison and Nation of Islam Supreme Leader Louis Farrakhan had a reunion of sorts in September 2013 with a follow-up meeting in Farrakhan’s hotel room when Farrakhan visited Washington in 2015. I noted Ellison’s responses in “Ellison speaks…a little” and “Ellison speaks…a little more.”

Yesterday Ellison appeared as a guest of Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Blitzer asked him about the Farrakhan meetings. Ellison avoided any explanation of what he was doing with Farrakhan. He responded in his accustomed style, turning the question into an attack on his critics. Among other things, Ellison asserts: “I have always been a fierce opponent of anti-Semitism.” This is — what’s the word? — a lie. Blitzer lets him rattle on and close out the segment with a classic Ellison routine.

Via David Rutz/Washington Free Beacon.