The Power Line Show, Ep. 56: The Missing Linker?

Is it possible to be a liberal but not be a “Progressive”? A lot of people think that there’s little or no difference between a liberal and a Progressive, but that may be partly because liberalism so lost its way that “Progressivism” made a comeback. After all, even Hillary Clinton herself, back around 2007 or so, declared that she was not a liberal—rather, she said “I am a Progressive.”

I sat down a few days ago with Damon Linker, author and columnist for The Week, to talk about this and also why he defected from the right to become whatever mushy thing he is today. I’ve played out several arguments with Linker here on Power Line, but he’s a genuinely pleasant person, often critical in his column of what passes for liberalism today (for example, see “How Liberals Lost Their Mind on Immigration”), on top of which I think we need to make common cause with liberals against the Progressive left when we can. So herewith the Power Line Show, episode 56, which you can listen to or download here, or at the host site over at Ricochet. As always, we like to recommend that you subscribe to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review, please!), as it will help us build up the show.


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