The Power Line Show, Ep. 57: Fred Siegel Explains It All

Just in time for your Tuesday morning, post-Presidents’ Day holiday weekend commute, a podcast with the great Fred Siegel. Now, I know I overuse the adjective “great” about friends and people I admire, but it really does apply to Fred. Although he lives in Brooklyn, I vividly recall a phone call from Fred once back around the year 2000, in which he was asking for my view on some aspects of California politics at the time. But it quickly became apparent that he knew more about the details of local politics in Los Angeles County than I did!

In this conversation, we range widely over the usual subjects (Trump), but also some intellectual history, where his first-hand knowledge of leading liberal and leftist thinkers is unparalleled. He even relates his face-to-face meeting with Hillary Clinton back when Her Worship was angling for the U.S. Senate seat there back in 1999.

As usual, you can listen below, or download the episode to listen to on your morning commute from our hosts as Ricochet. And as Ricochet likes to remind everyone, subscribe to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review, please!)


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