Coming Next Week: The Commanding Haidt!

For Bay Area readers, I’ve got another hot event to bring to your attention. Next Tuesday afternoon, Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind and more recently The Coddling of the American Mind (with Greg Lukianoff), will be delivering the annual Baxter Lecture for the political science department, on the promising title “The Three Worst Ideas in the World, and How They Shape American Education.” 

Scott wrote most recently about Haidt for us here, and I’ve written of him several times in the past.

Now here’s the good part: I’ll be the respondent! (See below.) Although there is considerable risk that I’ll be in heated agreement with Jon on his main points, I intend to go at him from the right and the left, just to keep things interesting. (Though imitating a leftist may be a bit of a challenge, or at the very least quite unconvincing.)

Do come if you can. (The Banatao Auditorium is where I hosted Harvey Mansfield last week, for the readers who came for that event. It’s located on the north side of campus, just off Hearst Street.) There’s a reception afterward at 6 pm, so consider it a chance for an informal Power Line reader meet up! Here are the full details:


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