Get Off Our Lawn!

I spent the end of last week in Washington DC with a hectic schedule of meetings and mischief, including, most importantly, doing a number of one-on-one interviews with great people for the Power Line podcast. Stay tuned for details as these roll out over the next two weeks.

And one of these podcast adventures was a return visit to Jonah Goldberg’s Remnant podcast, in which I joined with Jonah and Charles Murray to offer career and life advice to a live audience of overachieving young people. Jonah describes us as “a supergroup of curmudgeons.” I’ll take that. (One commenter has called it “Curmudgeonstock,” which I like ever better!)

This episode is quite long at one hour and forty-two minutes, but we’re getting a lot of good feedback about it. Here’s the Ricochet link.


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