Hollyweird [Updated]

Last night marked the 35th consecutive year of my Not Watching the Academy Awards, and from early news reports it appears that 20 percent of last year’s audience are following my example. Ratings are at their all-time lowest ever. Host Jimmy Kimmel apparently made a lot of jokes about Trump, conservatives, the NRA, and in support of the #MeToo movement, which is pretty cheeky for someone who hosted The Man Show for a while, whose highlight was a closing Week-in-Pictures-style slow motion video of a scantily clad woman jumping on a trampoline. (“Tramp“-olene—get it?) At least our women in the Week in Pictures are empowered the right way.

I considered watching just to see if Gary Oldman won the best actor Oscar for playing Churchill in Darkest Hour, or whether political correctness would intervene. He won, but I suspect it may have been close, and my prediction that there would be some politically correct fuss was not long in being fulfilled:

Because of course. (Incidentally, the aggrieved Mr. Butcher has locked down his Twitter feed for some reason, which is typical of lefties today who can dish it out but can’t take it.)

UPDATE by JOHN: According to Ad Age, the numbers look even worse now that they are final. In fact, Ad Age says, last night’s broadcast was “the least-watched of the 66 televised Academy Awards.”