The Closed-Mindedness of Lightweight Liberals

Today’s comic relief comes to us courtesy of Washingtonian magazine, which has posted a feature on how hard it is for conservatives to date in DC these days, and despite the best efforts to be evenhanded, it is clear that the problem is liberals are so insecure or intolerant that they just can’t date a conservative.

Someone spotted this delicious paragraph:

First of all, Thomas Locke? Oh-kaaay. And second of all, even if she meant John Locke, what does it tell us that someone is so ignorant as to regard the preeminent philosopher of liberal individualism as a conservative thinker? Another sign of how far gone today’s “liberals” are. Just imagine she’d react if she found his hidden collection of Thomas Sowell books.

P.S. Curiously the online version of this article that is up right now omits the “Thomas Locke” reference. I expect an editor is checking to see whether the reporter is the ignoramus, or the source.


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