The Power Line Show, Ep. 60: Free Speech on Campus

Readers ask me from time to time whether any of my classes or lectures are ever taped or live streamed or otherwise available online, and generally they aren’t for a very simple, but perhaps strange-sounding, reason. My classes are either seminars, with lots of wide-ranging discussion that wouldn’t make for good viewing or listening, or lectures, but even my lectures have a conversational, often stream-of-consciousness quality to them that also make them unsuitable for recording I think. I’m a bit like Richard Epstein, who I once heard joke that he can’t even give the same lecture once. Maybe I’ll do it differently some time down the road, or record a cleaned-up version of my notes.

But I did recently give a short presentation at Claremont McKenna College on the state o free speech on college campuses today, outlining the two main threats to it. This is actually just a warmup for a longer lecture I gave on a similar topic recently at Arizona State University, and I’ll post that too in due course. In the meantime, here’s a 13 minute episode of the Power Line Show with my preliminary rants on how free speech and free inquiry is being strangled by the left on campuses everywhere.

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