The Power Line Show, Ep. 61: American Women’s Day!

Forget this nonsense about International Women’s Day last week. I decided that we should celebrate a more Trumpian “American Women’s Day” instead, by having an episode I was tempted to call “Attack of the Julies,” since I converse with the Trump-friendly Julie Ponzi of American Greatness and Julie Kelly, a frequent contributor to American Greatness, NRO, and The Federalist. We talk about everything from Trump, naturally, to the 2020 Democratic field, and everything in-between. They’re not too fond of the Never-Trumpers among us! And the two Julies are a perfect fit for another episode sponsored by the greatest possible sponsor imaginable: Mancrates!

This is only the latest step in our effort to bring gender equity to the Power Line Show. Some time soon we’re going to have an episode with Ammo Grrrll herself.

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