Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll gives it BACK ATCHA!! (Ed.: — and you know who “cha” are). She writes:

Because so few of the Professional Hysterics at CNN, the New York Times, or Democrat Shriek-Fests have ever actually fired a gun, they do not understand the very important concept of “ricochet.” (Similarly, in Gaza, subliterate jihadis with an inadequate understanding of the Laws of Gravity frequently fire weapons into the air to celebrate a bold terrorist attack on elderly Holocaust survivors or a baby in a crib, and are maimed or killed when those rounds fall to earth into their hate-filled heads. Oopsie.)

Likewise, the relentless gun grabbers at an orchestrated Town Hall fire wild accusations and ugly invective at awesome NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, at President Trump, at any defenders of our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And then they are completely taken aback when their arguments bounce off their intended targets and come back to hit them as their tissue of lies unravels. Turns out that the way Ms. Loesch was treated at CNN’s Town Hall has been a great recruiting tool for NRA membership. Ping! Ow! Ricochet!

Two best-selling t-shirts at gun shows are “I carry a 9 mm because a cop is too heavy,” and “When seconds count, the cops are minutes away.” Never has a more heartbreaking illustration of the truth of the latter slogan come to light than in the recent horror show in Parkland, Florida.

An active shooter was on the rampage inside a school and we learned that a man sworn to protect and serve was hiding outside the building. Then we learned that there was not ONE man derelict in his duty, but FOUR. My husband and I have known many soldiers from many wars, and several fine officers of the law. Mr. AG said he simply does not believe that all four of those men were unwilling to run toward danger as all of our brave and selfless First Responders are taught to do. He believes it HAD to be an order handed down from some swamp dweller above their pay grade.

Perhaps from Democrat Sheriff David Israel himself who has bragged repeatedly that “the lion doesn’t care about the opinions of the sheep.” If I were Mr. Israel, I would be reluctant to call myself a “lion” lest it invoke the obvious comparison to the Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz. Just sayin’.

I believe that most of the parents would have run into the school with nothing but David’s slingshot and five smooth stones if they thought they could divert fire away from their children and towards themselves.

And still the gun grabbers would love forcibly to confiscate our guns and abolish our right to self-defense. Do they honestly believe that this episode should inspire us to outsource our safety to Crouching Paper Tigers waiting somewhere safe until all the fuss dies down? Sheriff Israel – pausing briefly from screaming at Dana Loesch and the NRA – inadvertently let slip that what he needed was MORE power. Really? There’s a catchy slogan: More power to cower! And this man still has a job?

Nikolas J. Cruz was a ticking time bomb almost from birth. In the totality of this Epic Fail, gun ownership is the least of it. If not a gun, it would have been a bomb, a truck, or arson. And legal gun ownership by anyone else on earth had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Most of the other factors in the Epic Fail besides the stand down of Law Enforcement cannot be said aloud. Let’s start with Genetics, one of the biggest taboos of all. His birth mother did not even know who the father was. Let me just say that there is scarcely a family in America in which one young couple did not produce a baby fewer than 9 months after the wedding. But very few women are so promiscuous, irresponsible, or stupid that they have no idea who the father was. This woman arranged a private adoption with Cruz’s long-suffering adoptive parents. With either a very long learning curve or as a business model, the woman then had a second child with a different father. This baby boy also was adopted by the Cruz family.

By age 3, Nikolas was diagnosed with developmental difficulties and shortly thereafter with the whole panoply of alphabet soup “disorders”: ADHD, Emotional-Behavioral Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Social Awkwardness. At 19, he had not yet graduated high school.

Let’s move on from Genetics to misguided Social Justice Policy that came straight from Holder’s DOJ and Obama. Because of the diversity industry’s aversion to any racial disparity in school discipline – completely irrespective of who is actually causing the trouble! – it is likely that this pale kid with the last name of “Cruz” was not given the mental illness diagnosis or in-school arrests that would have kept legal guns out of his hands forever.

Finally, let’s “have a conversation” about how the great Leviathan of agencies in place to monitor problems didn’t just DROP the ball, they kicked it away like a soccer goalie. Dozens of people warned numerous agencies including the FBI about the shooter’s bizarre and threatening behavior. In desperation, Cruz himself warned that he was distraught about his mother’s death and losing control. The “if you see something, say something,” popularized after 9/11, proved worse than useless. A chorus not much smaller than The Mormon Tabernacle Choir “said things and said things” to no avail. Reporting danger and being ignored is infinitely WORSE than not reporting at all. It leads the conscientious callers to believe that the problem is being solved, when nothing whatsoever has been done!

How then to address the problem of school shootings? To you gleeful potential gun grabbers: You go first! Turn in your ARs, your handguns, your knives, your baseball bats, your sharpened spoons. Throw in your fireplace pokers and frozen legs of lamb. Put up a mandatory sign outside your home advertising its morally superior quality: “Weapon-Free Zone. Not One Thing With Which to Defend Ourselves Inside!” What is holding you back?

In our over-55 development in Arizona, there are surely hundreds to thousands of weapons, including many AR-15s. In fact, when I attended a fundraising dinner for our county’s sheriff, the raffle prize was an AR and sales lagged because everybody already had one. Had every single gun in our complex been turned in on February 13, it would have changed nothing in this or any other mass-murder disaster. Outside of a pigeon who committed suicide by bb gun next door, there has never been a shooting in our complex.

Harden the soft targets. Recruit vets and other volunteers proficient with firearms to help protect schools. Get serious about mental illness and repeat troublemakers without regard to quotas based on race. Hey, kids, colored or pale, here’s a novel idea: if you don’t want to be on the so-called school to prison fast track, don’t be a damn criminal! Try the school to college track or the school to work track. It’s really not all that hard. It’s not our sacred duty to make it easier for you to repeatedly evade responsibility for your rotten and evil choices in life.

To whatever degree possible, make the corporate gun grabbers pay financially. Here is Mr. AG’s final paragraph in his cancellation letter to LifeLock requesting a refund:

“In case you are wondering, this is in specific response to your severance of a business relationship you had with the N.R.A.  One of the reasons I paid you these past years is that I expected that in case of an identity theft issue, you would be zealous and determined on my behalf.  Since you caved on the N.R.A. issue, I expect that in case of genuine dispute over identity theft, you could cave on other issues as well, especially if someone can make them controversial.  Moral cowardice renders an advocate worthless.”

H. L. Mencken said: “For every complex problem, there is a solution that is clear, simple…and wrong.” If he wasn’t talking about gun control, he should have been.