Another chemical attack in Syria

At least 49 civilians have been killed and many more injured in a lethal chemical attack by Syrian government forces on a rebel-held suburb of Douma in eastern Ghouta. Reuters reports on the attack here, the New York Times here, and the Wall Street Journal here (behind the Journal’s paywall).

The New York Times adds the caveat that it is “not possible to independently verify the reports because Douma is surrounded by the Syrian government, which prevents access by journalists, aid workers and investigators.” I think this supports the inference that the Syrian government is responsible for the attack. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal offers this eyewitness testimony: “Poisonous gas was unleashed from a barrel bomb dropped by a government helicopter, according to the White Helmets, a Syrian paramedic group. Victims showed symptoms of poisoning by chlorine and nerve agents, doctors said.”

The Syrian government is the beneficiary of crucial support provided by the Russian and Iranian regimes. President Trump allocates responsibility as I do. He also dubs the Syrian leader “Animal Assad” and warns of a “big price” to be paid.

President Trump’s attitude to Assad mirrors mine. The whole crew of animals from the Syrian, Russian, and Iranian regimes must be feeling immune from any meaningful reprisal.


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