Candace Owens Tells the Truth About the NAACP

The NAACP has long been a sacred cow. It did some good long ago, but for decades it has been a useless, left-wing pressure group in thrall to the Democratic Party. As such, it has generally opposed the interests of most African-Americans. So it is good to see the fearless Candace Owens denounce the NAACP:

It seems that every day, more cracks are appearing in the wall that has blocked African-Americans from thinking for themselves and pursuing their own interests and values.

Meanwhile, Twitter again showed its left-wing colors by branding Owens, a mainstream conservative, as “far right.” Her protest brought an apology from Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO:

I doubt that there was a “break in [Twitter’s] curation process.” I think liberal Twitter employees just did what liberals do. But Candace Owens’ fame is such that Twitter was forced to recant.

The times they are a changin’. I hope they are, anyway.