Laura Ingraham thrives

Mediaite reports that Laura Ingraham maintained her ratings in her first week back from vacation following the ad boycott launched against her show prompted by that kid and the anti-gun movement. Ingraham had more viewers than Mad Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC’s host in the same time slot, and twice as many viewers as CNN’s entry, “CNN Tonight.”

As for sponsors, one has returned so far. Ace Hardware will resume its sponsorship. It even apologized for having pulled out, stating that it did so based on “incomplete information.” That claim seems mighty lame, but the apology should be accepted anyway.

What about the other sponsors who jumped ship? It seems that they shifted their ads to other Fox News shows, and are likely to return to Ingraham’s once this ridiculous storm dies down.

Ingraham’s strong ratings last week will likely hasten their return.

Conservatives have at least as much purchasing power as liberals, but we are less inclined to use it as an adjunct to our politics. Unless the Ingraham boycott is a one-off, and it’s not, that will have to change.


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