Mid-Week in Pictures: Round Up the Usual Suspects Edition

I once heard that when it comes to faces, there are only 32 people in the whole world. I’m sure this is an urban legend, but it’s good enough for endless “separated at birth” parlor games. You may have heard that Stormy Daniels released a composite sketch of the person she alleges threatened her to keep quiet about her dalliance with Donald Trump. I suspect this is her first misstep in what has been a hitherto brilliant exploitation of Trump’s well-deserved reputation to advance her own fame. But a sketch of a quick encounter from several years ago?  Riiiigght. Fortunately, the internet is on it, and like O.J. looking for the “real killer,” I’m sure once we do a lineup of likely suspects from these photos we’ll have this case of intimidation nailed down and ready to pass along to the mulish Mueller.

And finally. . . looks like she can defend herself: