Netanyahu’s big announcement

Speaking in English, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyhau announced the recovery of a massive cache documenting Iran’s nuclear program: a half ton of documents and related materials removed from Iran. Video of the announcement is embedded below via the Prime Minister’s office; the text is posted here. Alexandra Fulbright reports on the announcement for the Times of Israel here. Noa Landau reports on it for Haaretz here. Twitchy collects instant reactions on Twitter here.

Long story short: “The Iran nuclear deal is based on lies, based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception. 100,000 files here prove they lied.”

I would guess that the Israeli intelligence coup must have something to do with President Trump’s determination to withdraw from Obama’s beloved alliance with Iran as represented by the world’s worst deal and with Secretary Pompeo’s stopover in Israel yesterday. Borrowing from the words of another great prime minister, the gentleman’s not for turning (or so it seems to me).

UPDATE: As of this afternoon David Horovitz has the best assessment in the Times of Israel column “‘Iran lied’: Netanyahu drops a Mossad bombshell on the Iranian nuclear deal.”


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