Packers draft JK Scott

JK Scott is the punter for last season’s national champion University of Alabama football team who, during a recent team visit to the White House, initiated a prayer for President Trump. He described it this way:

I said ‘Hey, Mr. Trump, would you let me pray over you.” “He said ‘Yeah, come on.”

From there, Scott put one hand on Trump’s shoulder and the other on his chest.

“And I prayed literally what the lord was saying in my heart,” Scott said.

Teammates joined the impromptu circle. . . .

When it was over, the president had a message for Scott.

“He said ‘Thank you so much. That was so beautiful.’” “Then he gave me a hug.”

Today the Green Bay Packers selected Scott in the fifth round of the NFL draft.

Teams don’t usually draft punters. Instead, they acquire them as free agents. When punters are drafted, it’s usually in the late rounds. The fifth round is as high, if not higher, than even the top punter is likely to be picked in a given year.

Today, three punters were selected in the fifth round, which I think is unusual. Scott was the second of the three.

His credentials are excellent. This year, for the second time, he was one of three finalists for the Ray Guy award, given to the college player deemed the best punter of the year.

For his Alabama career, Scott averaged 45.6 yards per punt. This season, that would have been good for 11th in the NFL. However, there’s much more to punting than just distance — “hang time” and placement, for example.

Scott apparently checks all of these boxes. According to

[Scott] is able to work for distance, hang time or placement whenever he needs. He’s been a consistent performer who operates well under pressure and possesses soft hands to handle poor snaps. He has the talent and play traits to become a long-time NFL starter.

Clearly, the Green Bay Packers concur.

It’s probably a longshot, but perhaps Scott will make it back to the White House as NFL champion with The Pack.


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