Second Amendment rally in St. Paul

We have had family in town this past week. Yesterday I gave my South American nephew the tour of the Twin Cities that I sketched out in “Welcome to the Twin Cities!” My current version of the tour begins at the beautifully restored state capitol building in St. Paul and ends in Little Mogadishu on the other side of the river in Minneapolis.

As we started out yesterday, my relative spotted the demonstration in progress on the steps of the State Capitol. It looked like it could have been an old-fashioned Tea Party group, but when we approached and asked, we discovered that it was a rally supporting our Second Amendment rights. When I stopped my car on the street to ask what it was all about, the demonstrators couldn’t have been nicer.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the rally drew a crowd of 1,000. The Pioneer Press article has a photo display with seven good photographs of the event.

The crowd was big enough to draw the attention of the Pioneer Press, but not the Star Tribune. At least I can’t find any story about it in the Strib. Looking online, however, I do find the Star Tribune’s continuing coverage of the local edition of the children’s crusade in “Big march is over, but Twin Cities students are all in on gun control.” And so, apparently, is the news side of the Star Tribune.


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