Sydney Leathers feels Stormy Daniels’ pain

The Washington Post accelerates its race to the bottom by publishing an article by Sydney Leathers. Yeah, that Sydney Leathers — the woman who sexted with Anthony Weiner when he was running for mayor of New York.

In the paper edition, the article is called “I know what Stormy Daniels is facing: Sydney Leathers on the pain that comes with challenging the powerful.” It consists of non-stop whining about the ridicule Leathers says she faced after her sexting with Weiner (and, more to the point, his with her) came to light — a process she initiated.

Anyone inclined to sympathize with Leathers should watch the movie “Weiner.” John reviewed it here. Of Leathers, he wrote, accurately:

Who comes off badly? Sydney Leathers, for one. Leathers was one of Weiner’s sext pals; she says in the film that she had phone sex with Weiner up to five times a day. She is hell-bent on capitalizing on her moment of fame.

Perhaps Weiner‘s most bizarre sequence takes place on the evening following the primary, in which Weiner has been crushed, getting just 4% of the vote. Weiner is trying to get to an upstairs room where his staff is holding a wake, while Leathers waits to confront him, cameras rolling, in a bar downstairs. Weiner’s staff comes up with a plan to sprint through a McDonalds and take a back staircase, dodging Leathers.

Leathers gets wind of their approach and chases Weiner through the McDonalds and up the stairs. Happily, at the last moment Weiner told Huma [Abedin] to stay in the car and go home rather than endure this final embarrassment.

Did the Post do any research about the Weiner-Leathers saga before permitting Leathers to give her self-serving account of the matter? It doesn’t seem so. Or maybe it viewed the details as irrelevant, the point being to (1) keep Stormy Daniels in the news, (2) paint her as the protagonist, and (3) strike a blow for feminism.

I wonder what Huma Abedin thinks of Sydney Leathers’ version of feminism.

As for Daniels, this is a woman who, the evidence strongly suggests, had consensual sex with Donald Trump, then a private citizen, and who accepted a substantial amount of money not to talk about it. She then broke that promise.

This move put Daniels on the map. She parlayed the resulting notoriety into a cross-country stripping tour. A stripper at one of the clubs on Daniels’ tour described her as “brave” for performing, given that the 38 year-old porn star “is at the end of her career.”

Had Daniels adhered to her non-disclosure agreement with Trump, the end of her career likely would already have occurred.

Other opportunities at enrichment undoubtedly await Daniels. She has made a good business decision. This we know.

Is Daniels in pain? This we don’t know.

Leathers doesn’t know either. Judging from her article, Leathers doesn’t seem to know, or genuinely care, much about Daniels. The porn star/stripper seems like an afterthought — a pretext for Leathers to whine while grabbing a little more attention.

The real story here is that Washington Post let her do it. These days, little seems below the organ of the Resistance.


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