The Ellison evasions

I wrote about DNC vice chairman and Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison last week in “The never-ending evasion.” I first summarized Ellison’s long relationship with the Nation of Islam for the Weekly Standard in the 2006 article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman.”

Jeryl Bier has continued to work on unraveling Ellison’s never-ending evasion. Over at the Weekly Standard this morning he asks “Has Keith Ellison really distanced himself from the Nation of Islam?” Answer: “It doesn’t look that way.” It doesn’t look that way based on a set of photographs and related information that Bier has compiled.

In the last paragraph Bier adds that Ellison’s congressional office failed to respond to his requests for comment. I asked Bier by email this morning how long he gave Ellison to respond. He tells me that “it’s been over a month since I first contacted his office about the photographs. Then I contacted them again a couple of weeks ago when I thought the piece was going to run[.]”

I think the words of the old Jack Benny joke apply here. He’s thinking it over.