The IG report on McCabe

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has delivered to Congress his report finding that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe repeatedly lied to investigators looking into the matter involving a particular leak to the Wall Street Journal. Horowitz indicates that when investigators asked McCabe whether he had instructed aides to provide information in October 2016 to Journal reporter Devlin Barrett (now with the Washington Post), McCabe said he did not authorize the disclosure and did not know who did. But Mr. McCabe did approve the F.B.I.’s contact with the reporter, according to the review. Neither Barrett nor the Journal provided a comment to the Journal for its story on the report.

The New York Times story on the report by Adam Goldman and Nicholas Fandos includes a link to a PDF of the report that has been uploaded by the Times. The headline on the Times story calls the report “scathing.” The story describes it as “highly critical.” I have embedded it via Scribd below. This should be only the first of several critical IG reports on FBI misconduct under investigation by Horowitz.

20180413a Doj Oig Mccabe Report by Scott Johnson on Scribd


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