Wisconsin warning

All signs point to a gathering storm that will wipe out Republicans in the midterm elections. If there are any countervailing signs other than the friendly map for Senate elections, I don’t know what they are. The Wall Street Journal puts it this way in its editorial today: “If Mr. Trump is the main issue on Election Day in November, all the evidence now points to an electoral wipeout like Mr. Obama’s in 2010—this time against Republicans.”

The occasion of the Journal’s editorial is the Wisconsin Supreme Court election this past Tuesday. Milwaukee County judge Rebecca Dallet defeated Sauk County judge Michael Screnock 56 percent to 44 percent, “the first time a liberal has won an open Wisconsin Supreme Court race since 1995.” The Journal adds that conservatives retain a 4-3 court majority, but their control hangs in the balance when the term ends for a conservative appointed by Governor Walker in 2020.

Analyze this: “Democrats marched over ice to vote in Madison and Milwaukee. Ms. Dallet also won in traditionally conservative Brown County (Green Bay) by 10 percentage points and Winnebego County (Fox Valley) by 14. Both are 20-point swings from President Trump’s victories in 2016.”

In the case of Wisconsin, this is the scariest part: “Ms. Dallet opposed Gov. Walker’s collective-bargaining reforms and the state Supreme Court decision to shut down Milwaukee County District Attorney’s abusive John Doe probe of conservatives in the state.” Dallet signifies the fascist heart of the “progressive” left, i.e., the contemporary Democratic Party.

The result this week in Wisconsin “confirms what we learned in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district special election in March and the Virginia governor’s race last year. President Trump’s chaotic and polarizing governance has motivated the left to turn out in big numbers while turning off some Republicans, especially in the suburbs.”

The Democrats nationalized the Wisconsin election: “President Obama, Joe Biden and Eric Holder campaigned for Ms. Dallet.” Only Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton were missing, and they won’t in any event be enough to bail the Republicans out this November.


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