A word fitly spoken

I give President Trump credit for brevity, insight, and judgment in his tweet below commenting on the sinister collusion of Monsieur John F. Kerry with the regime in Tehran that is, not coincidentally, an enemy of the United States. You know, the one that lives by the motto “Death to America.”

Trump uncharacteristically understates his case here. The United States not only doesn’t need John’s Kerry’s shadow diplomacy, it would be better off without it. And the problem with Kerry’s diplomacy is not its possible illegality, it’s his persistence in seeking to perpetuate (to borrow a phrase) the worst deal ever. But the latter point is one I borrow from Trump himself.

Incidentally, in the interest of accuracy, it should be noted that the impending May 12 deadline does not relate to certification of the deal or not. It relates to the continued waiver of statutory sanctions.

Via Caroline Glick/Twitter.