American Voters Aren’t Buying Hamas

The American press tried to sell the idea that Hamas’s suicide tactics were somehow related to the Trump administration’s shifting our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Why? Reporters and editors don’t much care about Gaza or Israel, but are determined to make every news story reflect badly on the president.

If this Rasmussen survey is any guide, that attempt has failed. Rasmussen finds 51% of likely voters in favor of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with only 29% opposed.

That contrasts with a survey by the same pollster in December, shortly after the move was announced. At that time, 40% supported the move, with 36% opposed. Some of the shift from December to May may result from people getting used to the idea or becoming familiar with the arguments in favor of the move. Some may be a reaction against Hamas’s repellent tactics. In any event, it appears clear the the American press’s implicit support for Hamas has not swayed American voters.

STEVE adds—this cartoon leftover from the inventory for tomorrow’s Week in Pictures, which gets the matter just right: