At the Gaza border

Within the hour we will move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. It’s a big day for Israel and the United States. Hamas wants it known that its followers are unhappy about it. Hamas terrorists are staging assaults on Israel today in response. They would like to kill the Jews across the border, but they will be almost as happy to get their own civilians killed. It’s all for the benefit of an audience that never tires of eternal recurrence, Palestinian style.

I have found the IDF to be a far more reliable source of news on the war than even Fox News, let alone the Democrats’ media adjunct. Reports based on announcements from the “Gaza Health Ministry” are particularly dubious. I doubt that the news in this IDF report will get through the smoke. Click on the tweet below for more.

The IDF, incidentally, has done its best to save lives of those on the other side. I doubt that this will make it through the smoke either.

Twitter is a useful resource on a day like today. Click here for the IDF Twitter feed, here for Richard Kemp’s, here for Avi Mayer’s, here for Peter Lerner’s, and here for the Times of Israel.

With 37 Gaza Arabs reportedly killed by the IDF in their clashes so far today, Hamas has it going according to plan.