Behind the redactions, cont’d

Kim Strassel supplements Eric Felten’s peek behind the redactions of the Strzok-Page text messages produced to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley. In her Wall Wall Street Journal column “The real constitutional crisis” she also touches on several other related matters we have covered here:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has not been allowed to question a single current or former Justice or FBI official involved in this affair [i.e., the Trump-Russia investigation]. Not one. He’s also more than a year into his demand for the transcript of former national security adviser Mike Flynn’s infamous call with the Russian ambassador, as well as reports from the FBI agents who interviewed Mr. Flynn. And still nothing.

Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, is being stonewalled on at least three inquiries. The House Judiciary and Oversight committee chairmen required a full-blown summit in April with Justice Department officials to get movement on their own subpoena. The FBI continues to block a fuller release of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia report.

Not that the documents that Justice sends over are of much use. Mr. Grassley this week excoriated the department for its routine practice of redacting key information, and for similarly refusing to provide a “privilege log” that details the legal basis for withholding information. His team recently discovered that one of the items Justice had scrubbed from the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page texts was the duo’s concern that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe had a $70,000 conference table. (Was it lacquered with unicorn tears?) A separate text refers to an investigation that the White House is “running,” but conveniently blacks out which one. The FBI won’t answer Mr. Johnson’s questions about who is doing the redacting.

It becomes clearer every day. What we have here is the exposure of a counterintelligence investigation conducted by the Obama administration on the presidential campaign of the Republican candidate. Not that you’d know from following the news as presented by the handmaidens of the Obama administration now into the Resistance…as Ms. Strassel concisely adds via Twitter (below).