FBI sponsored meeting turns into anti-Trump rally

On Wednesday, I wrote about a BRIDGES meeting scheduled for later in the day. BRIDGES is a program pursuant to which Department of Justice/FBI personnel meet quarterly with representatives of the Muslim community in southeast Michigan.

BRIDGES stands for Building Respect in Diverse Groups to Enhance Sensitivity. In practice, as I tried to show, it stands for whitewashing jihad and pandering to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), a group with ties to terrorist organizations.

What happened at the BRIDGES meeting Wednesday? I’m told it was mainly the usual fare.

One difference from the previous meeting was that Bushra Alawie, an “outreach” specialist with the FBI in Detroit who claimed that jihad means “inner struggle” and gave the example of her struggle not to eat cheesecake, was absent this time. Participants reportedly complained that, with Alawie not there, the FBI had no representative present who was wearing a hijab!

Rep. Debbie Dingell was, I’m told, the only member of Michigan’s congressional delegation invited to the meeting. Reportedly, she and another participant whipped up the crowd with an aggressive denunciation of President Trump.

Query 1: Should the FBI be holding public meetings at which our president is denounced?

Query 2: Do harsh attacks on U.S. government policies at “outreach” meetings like this carry a risk of inciting acts of terrorism?

My answers are “No” to Query 1 and “Yes” to Query 2.


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