More Mueller madness

Earlier this week the New York Times published the list of questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller reportedly wants answered by President Trump. Timesmen Matt Apuzzo and Michael Schmidt quote the questions verbatim with their own annotations here; Schmidt’s story on the questions is published under the headline “Mueller has dozens of inquiries for Trump in broad quest on Russia ties and obstruction.” Let me emphasize that Apuzzo and Schmidt expressly state that the reported questions are Mueller’s and not some dim reflection of them.

Now Carol Leonnig and Robert Costa report in the Washington Post that Mueller — an inferior officer of the president — is threatening to subpoena Trump to appear before the grand jury. The questions and the discussion regarding the subpoena date back to March.

I have hesitated to comment on the questions because I am incredulous that they are in fact Mueller’s. To the extent that they even dimly reflect Mueller’s probe, however, they constitute more evidence that what we have here is The Mueller Switch Project. I don’t think shutting the Mueller project down is a viable political option for President Trump, but what I have proposed as “The 100 percent (pardon) solution” looms larger every day.

Laura Ingraham invited former United States Attorney Joe DiGenova and former Whitewater deputy independent counsel Sol Wisenberg to discuss the Times story on Mueller’s putative questions last night. I offer the this segment (the first half of it anyway) in lieu of my own further comments on the substance of the Times story reporting Mueller’s questions.

UPDATE: Andrew McCarthy says it all here.


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