Reading the Strzok-Page texts

Taking advantage of the dogged work of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson to procure the Strzok-Page text messages on the FBI’s fake Clinton email investigation — posted online here by Senator Johnson — Andrew McCarthy goes in for a close reading.

Although McCarthy’s view is obscured by the voluminous redactions to the documents, he finds that the messages provide a glimpse of the true forces at work. He writes: “Strzok and Page are singularly well-informed, central players in the Clinton and Trump investigations. They tell us exactly what is going on and why — or at least they would if the Justice Department had not blacked out key parts of their running conversation.”

Reading through the messages for the origin of the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation culminating in the Mueller Switch Project, McCarthy finds Strzok quoting someone (name redacted): “The White House is running this.” McCarthy can go only so far: “It would be interesting to know what is in the emails that apparently clarify how the Obama administration divided responsibility for running the Trump-Russia investigation. Just like it would be interesting to know what is behind all the many redactions in these texts about how and why the Trump-Russia investigation got started.”

He concludes with a call for greater attention to the messages and for greater transparency. Greater transparency requires a look behind the redactions or the explanation for withholding the information. Someone wants us to remain in the dark. Late last week Senator Johnson wrote the FBI Director Wray in search of such an explanation (letter embedded below via Scribd).

2018-05-11 RHJ to FBI Director Wray (Redactions) by Scott Johnson on Scribd


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