Senator Grassley requests

The Senate has taken a remarkably laid back approach to getting the story peddled by James Comey et al. straight. On February 15, 2017, for example the Senate Judiciary Committee requested a copy of the transcript of the widely reported call between Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador and the FBI report summarizing the intercepted calls. The Justice Department declined to provide any of that information, and instead then-FBI Director Comey provided a wide-ranging briefing to us on March 15, 2017 that touched on the Flynn issues.

Why did the committee settle for a briefing in lieu of the transcript? The Department of Justice cited an ongoing investigation and the committee took the excuse at face value. Over in the House, the widely derided House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes might have issued a subpoena some time in the past year. In the Senate, it’s Easy Rider.

Yesterday Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray politely seeking the information requested early last year and a few other items of interest. I have embedded Senator Grassley’s letter below. Byron York reports on it in “Senate chairman: Comey ‘led us to believe’ Flynn wouldn’t be charged.”

I am a fan of Senator Grassley. In my book he is one of the good guys. He is a busy and diligent senator who takes his responsibilities most seriously. Perhaps I am missing something, but this looks lame beyond explanation to me. Senator Grassley, please don’t let them blow you off this time.

UPDATE: For a more optimistic take on Senator Grassley’s letter see our friend Thomas Lifson’s “Senator Grassley appears to be preparing to bust the frame-up of General Flynn.”

Grassley Letter to Wray Dated May 11, 2018 by Scott Johnson on Scribd