The Power Line Show, Ep. 68: Helping Henry

In our last semi-regular check-in with psephologist Henry Olsen, I titled the show “Help Us Obi Wan Henry—You’re Our Only Hope!” But by now I’m really scraping the barrel for pop culture references for Henry. This time I had to go back 30 years to an obscure and bizarre British kids TV show called “Helping Henry,” in which space aliens were helping a young boy named Henry make his way in the world. But the aliens were disguised as . . . dining chairs. Seriously. Here’s one of the descriptions: “Furniture was actually an alien being (called N-3) who had somehow decided that dining chairs were the most intelligent form of life on Earth and so spent its time trying to communicate with the other dining chairs and failing, until it found a small boy and talked to him instead.” Ohhhh—kkkkay.

Who thinks of such a crazy idea? This is beyond Monty Python. In any case, Henry Olsen helps us with the current scene, reflecting on the recent special House election in Arizona, how Trump is slowly but steadily consolidating his strength, but also baseball after one month! Teaser from Henry: “Who knew that we’d have a presidency right out of the pages of Team America: World Police.” Heh.

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