The Power Line Show, Ep. 69: The Suicide of the University

Episode 69 of the Power Line Show is now up, and it features . . . me. I decided the time had come to post up as a podcast the keynote lecture I gave at Arizona State University’s new School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership back in late February on the subject of “The Suicide of the University.” The lecture has three distinct parts to it, but you’ll just have to listen to take them in. The unifying theme perhaps can be summarized as another example of M. Stanton Evans’s First Law of Insufficient Paranoia, which runs: no matter how bad you think things are, when you look closer, you invariably find out that things are even worse than you thought. That’s true of universities, where the problems run much deeper than a rejection of the idea of free speech or the rot of radical ideology run amok.

As usual, you can listen or download from the window below, or from our hosts at Ricochet. And speaking of our hosts at Ricochet, for any of our Washington DC area readers (or anyone who’d like to make a trip to town), this Thursday and Friday Ricochet, in association with our friends at the American Enterprise Institute, are hosting a Podcast Summit, featuring several of the fine Ricochet shows I’m sure many of you know and love. John Hinderaker and I will be there, taping an show Friday morning with Michael “Flight 93 Election” Anton. Here’s a sampling of the lineup:

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P.S. As it happens, there is a video of the entire lecture, including the question and answer portion afterward, if you have time to watch (it’s over an hour long—much longer than the podcast above):



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