The Schneiderman Chronicles

Further thoughts on the downfall of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman—for another few hours anyway—that John and Paul note below. Schneiderman is unquestionably one of the most egregiously politicized and abusive state attorney generals in the country. Who knew that he was so abusive in other ways.

UPDATE: Schneiderman has resigned.

I am sure there are some Republican office holders or private sector grandees out there with similar grotesque stories (Missouri’s Republican Governor Greitens, for example), but this little detail in the story does stand out for how liberals do put politics uber alles:

After the former girlfriend ended the relationship, she told several friends about the abuse. A number of them advised her to keep the story to herself, arguing that Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose.

Another woman involved with Schneiderman has a similar reaction:

Given the woman’s prominence in the legal sphere, Schneiderman’s actions had exposed him to tremendous risk. Yet she took no official action against him. “Now that I know it’s part of a pattern, I think, God, I should have reported it,” she says. “But, back then, I believed that it was a one-time incident. And I thought, He’s a good attorney general, he’s doing good things. I didn’t want to jeopardize that.”

Prediction: In a desperate bid to hold on to his office, Schneiderman will announce tomorrow that he is entering an alcohol treatment and rehab program. But I doubt it will work.

Maybe this guy can be his cell mate (and geez—what is it about state attorney general offices run by Democrats?):

California deputy attorney general charged with child porn

A California deputy attorney general has been charged with possessing child pornography at his San Diego County home following a months-long investigation, according to court records and local media.

Raymond Liddy, 53, was arrested at his home in the resort city of Coronado, California, on Tuesday and accused of owning images that appeared to depict minors under age 12 engaging in sexual acts, court records showed.

Chaser: It is amazing sometimes how Trump always seems to achieve vindication:

Or this one, which won’t age well: