The Strib does Tomi Lahren [With Comment by John]

Rochelle Olson is a pitiful excuse of a reporter for the Star Tribune. Back in 2006, I called her out as “reckless and feckless,” a judgment I stand by today. This is her jocular take on the assault (“liquid launching incident”) on Tomi Lahren at a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis over the weekend, posted on the Star Tribune website this afternoon now that President Trump has weighed in (I have inserted the tweets that are embedded in the Star Tribune story):

President Donald Trump tweeted his full-throated support for Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren early Wednesday in the viral wake of a liquid-launching incident in Minneapolis last weekend.

At 6:22 a.m. Wednesday, Trump’s @realdonaldtrump issued the following: “Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young woman! @foxandfriends.”

According to the widely seen video snippet and Lahren herself, a customer seated at the bar tossed what appeared to be water from a glass at Lahren as she was departing Union Bar & Restaurant’s rooftop dining area Sunday with her parents after brunch.

Lahren, a controversy-courting conservative television personality, has compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK, attacked Beyoncé and picked a fight with rapper Jay-Z.

The Trump tweet came shortly after Lahren appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the incident. The president is an avid viewer of the show.

Lahren called the incident that got both her and her mom wet “disheartening” and “embarrassing.”

“At the end of the day, I’m a person, too,” Lahren said, adding that the water-thrower was trying to get 15 minutes of fame. “I’m tough, I can handle it.”

Lahren had an event Saturday night across Hennepin Avenue at the Pantages Theatre. She entitled the event, “Family, Freedom and Final Thoughts,” calling it an evening of dialogue and discussion.

Lahren grew up in Rapid City, S.D.

To Olson, I take it that it’s a big joke with a Trump angle. I don’t know anything about Lahren, but I infer that Olson finds her guilty of opinions for which assault is, if not deserving of punishment, at least a good laugh at her expense. Olson’s story is at best a poor reflection on the Star Tribune itself.

JOHN adds: The Strib story fails–deliberately, no doubt–to capture the insanity to which Lahren was subjected. Check out this video, which was tweeted by someone who was proud of it. It met with general approval from liberals:

Minnesotans like to think that they are nice people, but the sad truth is that leftists here are as bad as leftists everywhere.