The Week in Pictures: Cultural Appropriation Edition

I was going to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo today, but I am told that is not allowed because it is a “cultural appropriation.” So I guess I can’t have a breakfast burrito this morning? How about if I order in Esperanto? Also, prom dresses from China are prohibited. But what about Hillary’s pantsuits, clearly appropriated from North Korea? And what about May Day? How can we celebrate a Communist holiday here when it is clearly a cultural appropriation from the old Soviet Union, etc? I’m totally lost at this point. But so is the left.

Doesn’t even need comment.

Headlines of the week:

Tweet of the week:


Um, . . . no.

Better than living with subtraction.

Okay, so this one slightly exceeds the Power Line Gun Guy guidelines. . . but it says “Gun Guy” so that’s good enough!

And finally. . .