Chelsea Manning comes up just a little bit short

Maryland held its primaries yesterday. The left did well.

In Montgomery County where I live, there was a lively race for County Executive. Marc Elrich, an ultra-leftist who pushed through the $15 minimum wage, holds a slight lead over David Blair, a businessman who seems to have a little bit of sense. Absentee votes have yet to be counted, though.

We’re a one-party county, so the Democratic winner, probably Elrich, will be our next Executive. And Montgomery County will continue its downward slide.

In the governor’s race, there was a scramble on the Democratic side for the right to run against our popular Republican governor, Larry Hogan. The left poured in money to support Ben Jealous, a leftist demagogue backed by Bernie Sanders. Jealous, formerly the head of the NAACP, easily prevailed over an establishment Democrat and a host of additional rivals.

Chelsea Manning (remember her?) ran for the Senate against Democratic incumbent Ben Cardin. Manning captured 6 percent of the vote. Cardin tallied 81 percent.

Manning did finish second, though, with nearly 30,000 votes. I find sobering the thought of that many Marylanders voting for a candidate whose only “credentials” are treason and a sex-change operation.


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