Climate Follies—the Day After

It seems my Wall Street Journal article referenced yesterday, “Climate Change Has Run Its Course,” has upset the climatistas. It was the second-most read article in yesterday’s WSJ, generating, at latest count, nearly 1,400 comments. It blew up Twitter.

The biggest revelation from the climatistas who expressed their dismay on Twitter is that apparently the epithet “climate denier” isn’t sufficient to demonize anyone who dissents from climate orthodoxy. Perhaps because it isn’t working any more? And as if intending to ratify one of my central points that the climate campaign has been absorbed into the left’s current obsession with identity politics, here is my single favorite tweet:

This bought a mild dissent:

And this rejoinder:

Also this, from one of the persons I referenced in the piece:

I’m disappointed. They’ve obviously lost the thread from the 1980s, when the left called Jeane Kirkpatrick and Margaret Thatcher “female impersonators.” They could say that about Judith Curry if they want to. And I’m also offended that my gender and ethnicity have been assumed! How do they know how I self-identify?

But please climatistas, don’t ever change.

Meanwhile, I’m tentatively scheduled to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News tomorrow night to talk about the subject (more triggering opportunities!), though this is subject as always to change depending on what happens in the news cycle. I’ll update tomorrow.