Does anybody really know what time it is? (Minnesota edition)

Courtesy of the Democrats’ media adjunct, Minnesota state representative Ilhan Omar must be the most famous such officeholder in the history of the universe. Omar is the first Somali elected to our state legislature; she touts herself as “the highest-elected Somali-American public official in the United States.” That’s not too high. Riding the Democrats’ look at me identity politics, however, she’s going places. See, for example, the 11-minute video Omar has posted here.

Like Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison — Omar’s legislative district sits within the Fifth District — Omar is a Democrat touting the full catastrophe of Bernie Bro politics. She has the platitudes nailed. Her “vision is rooted in co-governance, equity, and justice” and she is “committed to training the next generation of organizers to create grassroots, progressive change throughout [her] district and state from the ground up.” She is “fighting for unity and justice.” Some translation is required, but I trust Power Line readers get the gist.

I think that Omar committed some kind of fraud in connection with her marriage to the husband she took following her “culturaL” marriage to her advertised husband and father of her children. I wrote about this aspect of the Omar phenomenon in “The curious case of Ilhan Omar.” The curious case — it remains curious.

I say this despite the debut of the documentary Time For Ilhan tomorrow at Zinema 2 in Duluth as part of the Duluth Superior Film Festival. As Jack Paar used to say, I kid you not.


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