Loose Ends (39)

I see the story out today that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has capitulated to the identity politics mob and apologized for eating at—and Tweeting approvingly about the experience—Chick-fil-A. This, because Chick-fil-A’s CEO opposes same-sex marriage.

Judged by foot traffic, though, this is one culture war boycott the left is definitely losing. I’ve been through the Denver airport four times in recent weeks since Chick-fil-A opened an outlet in the middle of Terminal B, and every time I went by (which included non-peak meal times), the line for Chick-fil-A was so long that it threatened to block the flow of passengers. No other food outlet had comparable lines. Tells you something right there.

Eat mor chikin everybody.

A propos my item Saturday on transgender athletes, this from the great Babylon Bee (a worthy successor to the old Wittenburg Door) gets at the heart of the matter:

AUBURN, CA—Local 36-year-old man Nate Ripley, who identifies as a six-year-old, “absolutely crushed” a game-winning homer at a local tee-ball game and won the championship for his team Monday evening, reports confirmed.

Ripley reportedly walked up to the plate in the bottom of the 6th, pointed his bat toward the left-field wall looming 130 feet in the distance, and let her rip, sending the ball rocketing over the fence and into a parking lot as the fans cheered and his coach yelled out, “Attaboy, Nate! Good job, bud!”

His team, the Lil’ Padres, attempted to hoist him up on their shoulders in celebration of their great victory over the favored Tiny Tigers, but were unable to pick up the large 230-pound man.

Ripley’s feat comes at the end of a momentous tee-ball season, in which the self-identified six-year-old absolutely shattered every record set prior to that point. With a 1.000 batting average, 52 home runs, and an incredible showing at first base, second base, shortstop, third base, and pitcher, the man is being called an inspiration to other six-year-olds everywhere.

(Just to be clear: The Babylon Bee is a satire site. As was the great Wittenburg Door before it. Who says Christians can’t be funny?)

As you’ve probably heard by now, last night at the Tony Awards, Robert DeNiro unloaded with the f-bomb on Trump—not once, but twice. For emphasis, one supposes. In case we didn’t get it that he hates Trump. The Hollywood audience responded with a standing ovation, thus contributing further to DeNiro’s effort to assure the re-election of Trump.

Why the intensity of Trump derangement among the Hollyweird set? I have a simple theory: look at how many Hollywood grandees the #MeToo movement has taken down (with more sure to come)—a movement whose intended target is Trump. But to quote what the great Captain Kirk says to Khan in the best of all the Star Trek movies, “Like a bad marksman you keep missing the target!”

P.S. De Niro better hope he doesn’t have any unfinished #MeToo business of his own.


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