Media Alert

Tomorrow night, from 6 to 9 p.m. Central, I will guest host “Saturday Night with Esme Murphy” on WCCO radio in the Twin Cities. If you live within listening distance–and WCCO has a long reach–or if you want to listen online, here, I encourage you to tune in.

The show will focus on the political scene in Minnesota following the two parties’ conventions last weekend. Both parties endorsed gubernatorial candidates who are seen by many as underdogs, setting up fierce battles for the primary elections that will take place on August 14. So far, we have Tim Pawlenty and Jeff Johnson, the two GOP contenders for the governor nomination, lined up as guests. On the DFL side, Erin Murphy, the candidate who was endorsed at last week’s convention, will appear, and we are hoping to land at least one more DFL candidate.

WCCO was for many years the dominant radio station in Minnesota. In recent years its ratings have slipped, but it is still an important media outlet. It has traditionally had a center-left orientation, so I will be bringing some diversity to the station. I will guest host next Saturday, as well.

So, it should be an interesting show, and it would be great if we had some PL readers not only listening, but calling in!


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