Scalise makes the play

A year after suffering a grave wound in the crazed assassination spree attempted against the House GOP baseball team by Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise improbably took the field to play this year’s game against House Democrats. The New York Times story on the attempted assassination summarized the damage done to Scalise: “His injuries are extensive, and he was in critical condition Wednesday night, MedStar Washington Hospital Center said in a statement. As the bullet traveled across his body, it broke bones, tore up internal organs and caused major internal bleeding.”

Nine surgeries later, Scalise returned to second base for this year’s game and made the play on the ball put in play by Dem Rep. Raul Ruiz on the first pitch of the game (video below). With a hat tip to Capitol Police special agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner, who served on Scalise’s security detail that morning and shot it out with Hodgkinson, I’m filing this one under Answered Prayers.


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