“The long game,” a postscript

A few days ago, I discussed the sickening delay in getting a floor vote for key Department of Justice nominees. I blamed Sen. Cory “Weed” Gardner, obstructionist Senate Democrats, and, to a lesser degree, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the delay. In McConnell’s case, the problem, I argued, is that he’s not making the Senate work enough.

To be fair, though, some GOP Senators apparently don’t want to work hard enough to confirm Trump’s nominees. I’m told that last summer, McConnell planned to drop a week or two from the August recess to work on legislative matters (probably the budget). When the Democrats caved, McConnell proposed staying anyway to do nominations.

His caucus was not amused. Multiple members told the Majority Leaders they had vacation plans and wished him luck in getting to 50 votes without their presence.

McConnell can threaten to work the Senate harder, but if the Democrats believe his caucus isn’t willing to work, they can call his bluff. That seems to be part of what’s going on.

I’ll try to find out which GOP Senators are unwilling to work, so I can call them out. If any reader knows, I’d welcome the information and would, of course, respect confidentiality.


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