The Week in Pictures: Scotus Smackdown Edition

Have liberals ever had a worse week than this (since November 8, 2016 that is)? Get ready for the mother of all freakouts by the left as the Senate moves to hold hearings and confirm a successor to Justice Kennedy. I predict that there will be several attempted disruptions and protests at the hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Second, I predict that Democrats will demand over and over again that the prospective justice declare him or herself directly on the question of abortion and Roe v. Wade, and will declare it unacceptable to defer judgment as any prospective jurist should. This will not help Democrats in November. Third, since the filibuster for judicial nominees is gone, I predict Senate Democrats might boycott the final Senate confirmation vote, or, failing that (since I believe the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms can compel attendence of senators), Dems might abstain as a kind of protest device. Fourth and finally, I think “Borking” could only work once. But the left will try it anyway, and it will backfire badly.

Greatest Chris Matthews pic ever.

This one will never get old:

Photobomb of the week

Headlines of the week:

Wait—Trump nominated WHO?

A solution to the fake soccer injury problem.

Is this a “how to” section?

Some of you have asked for cats. This is the only compromise I’ll allow:

And finally. . .