The Week in Pictures: Space Force Edition

You may think the immigration fracas is the story of the week, but you’d be wrong. Trump’s announcement of the Space Force is the most significant story of the week. I have the inside story. Remember when Trump said it would only take him a minute to size up “Little Rocket Man,” Kim Jong Un? Well, Trump was wearing a special set of contact lenses that are just like Roddy Piper’s special sunglasses in John Carpenter’s important 1988 movie They Live (look it up—it’s actually a deliberate homage to Frankfurt Marxism), that enabled him to instantly detect whether Kim Jong Un is, in fact, a space alien. And guess what: he is! (And you thought “Little Rocket Man” was just some kind of Trumpian insult joke.) So starting the Space Force is just the next step in confronting the menace of Little Rocket Man. Now, I’m wondering what the other Very Important Kim—Khardashian—looks like through those postmodern lenses?

Trump appoints the first captain for the new Space Force.

Trumpback Mountain?

Headlines of the week:


Time for Race Bannon, Mike Pence’s spirit animal, to make an encore appearance.

And finally . . . by popular demand, Kaitlin Bennett once again: