Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll digs into the left’s DIRTY THESAURUS. She writes:

Peter Fonda, 78-year-old “baby” brother of 80-year-old Hanoi Jane, is still alive! I had no idea. Boy, it is getting harder and harder for these great feminist men and their #MeToo womyns to come up with ever more disgusting slang for lady bits, hurled as insults at conservative women. But “Gash”? Seriously? Wow. I can’t even think when I last heard that shocking word. But I know a hardened combat vet who says words I’ve never heard of, who would never even think of using it. He has a mother, sisters, a wife, women comrades and three daughters.

We also got a horrific little peek into the drug-addled fantasy life of this world-class Shakespearean actor. If the expression “rolling over in his grave” is accurate, Henry Fonda is probably now a new source of energy. Henry was a liberal, but best friends with Jimmy Stewart, who was a conservative. Haha! Remember those Quaint Olde Days? When people who disagreed politically did not call each other “Nazi” or “deplorable”?

Peter Fonda (or peter-fondler?) proudly and openly Tweeted his wish for a naked woman in stocks for random passersby to whip and poke at. Charmed, I’m sure. Oh, not done yet? And an adolescent Barron Trump locked in with pedophiles. Hey, genius, one of the main reasons why children ARE separated from adults in prison is precisely to prevent their being locked up with pedophiles.

Has creepy Peter Fonda done ANYTHING since Easy Rider? I hated that movie when I was a very young left-wing Democrat. In the unlikely event I ever watch it again, this time I will cheer for the Louisiana “rednecks” who shoot his drug dealing character.

Here’s a couple of fun facts you might not be aware of about Easy Rider (besides the fact that they used real drugs in the movie): Actor Rip Torn was supposed to be in the film originally, but in a production meeting in New York with Dennis Hopper, Torn, a Texan, was offended by Hopper’s bigoted remarks about Southern rednecks. He withdrew from the project. Furthermore, in a scene in a Louisiana restaurant where they used real locals, the people were TOLD that the characters played by Hopper and Fonda had raped and killed a local girl. The vitriol unleashed in the scene was, at least in part, a legitimate reaction to that misinformation rather than bigotry. But back to the present.

I understand Fonda has some new “indie” movie coming out. I can’t wait to see the feminists knitting new “gash” hats to parade around preventing people from seeing it. Right? Right?

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that Mr. AG is constantly saying that “There is no bottom” to the antics of these unhinged leftists? He knows this; I know this; and yet we both go around with constant deer in headlights faces – like rich, vain women who have recently had “work” done – at each new travesty. I guess we either have a long learning curve, or way too much faith in our fellow man.

We keep expecting that some responsible adult Democrat – Joe Biden? Amy Klobuchar? Obama himself? — will step up and say, “OK, kids, dial it down. Not only is calling a woman ‘c*nt’ and ‘gash’ completely over-the-top unacceptable, but it’s going to blow up in our faces.”

Where are the grownups? The worst offenders among them are at least in their 40s and 50s and many are in their 60s and 70s. As Archie Bunker used to say: “Good Night, Nurse!”

Are there NO Democrats who are embarrassed by their spokes-cretins? When Robert De Niro taxed his tiny brain to come up with his fetching “F*ck Trump!” line, was there not a single theatre patron who would stay seated like a dignified, civilized adult, instead of jumping up like a functionary in an ill-fitting suit at a speech by Stalin? What kind of message would it have sent had there been no applause at all? It wouldn’t have even taken boos to make the point, but just stunned silence. A presenter at a major televised awards show said “F*ck” the sitting President of the United States. Twice. And got a standing ovation. Let that sink in.

Remember when South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson rudely, if accurately, interrupted President Obama’s State of the Union Address by yelling “You lie!”? OMG, the Wrath of Khan fell upon him. Mind-reading sensation Maureen Dowd “heard” the yuge no-no word “Boy” after “You lie.” Charges of “raaaacism” were trumpeted across the land. No obscenity. No crude mention of Michelle’s lady bits. Just rudeness. He was reprimanded by Congress and then overwhelmingly re-elected. By the way, I did not think it was either appropriate or good manners. And I easily disliked Obama as much as anyone dislikes Trump. But I am both sane and a courteous adult.

Ah, but that was in 2009. A virtual lifetime ago, politically. It is 2018, half-way through the year toward 2019. Now the naughty boy late-show hosts — Lord, how far we’ve fallen from Johnny Carson – and the small gaggle of crude, talentless women comics, are sent scurrying to their Dirty Thesauruses for new, ground-breaking territory every day.

I think tw*t and sn*tch are still available, kids. But they both are kind of “friendly” words, not really as reprehensible as the ones already taken. Have you thought of decapitation porn? Oh, wait, that’s been done, too. Have you thought of acting like a mature, civilized adult?

Naaaah. Where’s the money, attention, and insanely-lucrative series or comedy special in that? Look up the net worth of all of these obscene deranged clowns. It boggles the mind. Excuse me, now I have to get out my Urban Dictionary to see what combination of ugly words I can string together to get rich. Got my eye on an HBO Special called “F**k, f**k, f**k, you F**king F**kers!” (Hope I don’t get sued for plagiarizing Keith Olbermann). I won’t settle for a penny less than $50 million. With wit like that, I think I have a good shot! I’ll take all my regular commenters out for dinner at The Bigoted Red Hen. (“Reservation for 500, please, in the armed section…”) We will order the Surf ‘N Turf, use the restrooms, forget to flush, and leave. Good for the goose; good for the Red Hen.

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