Trump Trolls the Democrats

As I said in a post not long ago, the fundamental reality is that Democrats are in favor of illegal immigration, and Republicans are against it. The GOP wins that one every time. Especially since, until roughly the day before yesterday, Democrats opposed–or pretended to oppose–illegal immigration, too.

President Trump tweeted this brief stroll down memory lane a little while ago:

As we say so often with regard to Democrats: That was then, this is now. Now, they are the party of no borders, no sovereignty, no country. Kamala Harris, the current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, made that clear today in a tweet:

So, what’s the answer? Releasing all of them from detention and buying them bus tickets to a nearby sanctuary city, of course. Harris’s tweet drew lots of pithy replies, here are a couple:

Immigration is a huge winning issue for Republicans as long as they remember that the Washington Post and the New York Times do not speak for the American people.


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