Understanding Hillary’s crimes: The podcast

I have been saying that an overwhelming wealth of story lines emerges from the IG report on the Clinton email “investigation” released last week. I posted the report via Scrbid here.

Andrew McCarthy pointed out before the election in 2016 and repeatedly since (perhaps most recently here), the fix was in from the beginning. The fix was in because Obama was in on the wrongdoing and he was the head of the executive branch at the time. When Obama spoke, as he did, FBI Director James Comey took his cues from him. She meant no harm, Obama said, and in his July 5 statement Comey followed suit.

In his recent NR column “Clinton Emails: What the IG Report Refuses to Admit,” Andy put on a master class exposing the lengths to which James Comey and now IG Michael Horowitz had to go to arrive at the conclusion that no prosecution of Hillary Clinton was warranted in the email case. Andy is a natural teacher. His related McCarthy Report podcast with Rich Lowry expanding on his column is worth taking in for those who, like me, are still trying to deepen our understanding of what happened.