Humor, liberal style

Russia went out of the World Cup today, losing in the quarterfinals to Croatia on penalty kicks after two hours of open play couldn’t separate the teams. I rooted for Croatia, just as I rooted for Spain, the team Russia upset on penalty kicks in the round of 16. Just as I would root for almost any opponent of Russia.

I’m anti-Putin. That’s why I haven’t been reporting on the World Cup, as have done since 2002. I don’t want to promote, even in a very small way, a sporting event held in Russia.

Am I being petty? I don’t think so. Here is petty:

Following Russia’s loss to Croatia in the quarterfinal round of this year’s World Cup, both current and former members of the press jumped on Twitter to ridicule President Donald Trump — with at least one user calling for his impeachment.

“Bet u Donald Trump is SAD! Russia lost the soccer game!!!!! Ha ha #impeach 48k 🔁 124k ❤,” tweeted Tyler Conway, news and NBA writer for Bleacher Report.

Ha Ha. I didn’t know Bleacher Report let eight year-olds write for it.

There was also this from Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman:

Thrilling game. Maybe Trump can invite Russia soccer team to the White House as a consolation prize.

Bohls is a sportswriter. Maybe he doesn’t know about the many Russian diplomats Trump has expelled from the U.S. or about the sanctions Trump has imposed.

David Dwork, the sports lead and web producer for a CBS affiliate in Miami, thought it was clever to write this: “Donald Trump will now lower the flags at the White House following Russia’s quarterfinal loss in the #WorldCup.” Not that Trump gives a damn about how Russia fared in the World Cup, but in reality, Russians are delighted their team went as far as it did in the World Cup. Reportedly, Russian fans took the defeat quite well. Even Putin.

But why let facts stand in the way of a sophomoric attempt at humor.

I’ve long held that when lefty sports writers do politics they mimic their betters who write about politics for a living, but can’t even reach the low bar the “pros” set. That thesis is looking sound.

Not that there weren’t bottom-feeding journalists outside of sports writing who picked up on the same anti-Trump theme. “Russia moves to annex Croatia. Trump administration says it’s fine, because they speak Russian there,” tweeted Steve Cavendish, a former editor for the Nashville Scene. It’s comforting to learn that he’s a former editor.

John wrote a post yesterday called “Liberals and death of comedy.” If the lines quoted above are what passes for humor among leftists these days, John’s thesis is looking sound too.

Via Christopher Guzman at PJ Media.