A question for Democrats

The rise of Ilhan Omar raises a question for decent Democrats. It is the kind of question that Republicans are occasionally called on to answer by the media when one of their own embarrasses them. Democrats somehow escape this treatment.

I wrote prominent Minnesota Democrats, identified myself and asked the question raised by Omar in this case. One or two of these Democrats are, or were, friendly acquaintances of mine. I check their names and relate their (non)responses in the City Journal column “A question for Democrats.” Please check it out and pass it on.

In 1975 the late, great Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan decisively answered the question raised by the odious Omar. Drawing on Moynihan, I added a footnote to the City Journal column with Moynihan’s answer in the post “Return of ‘Zionism is racism.'” Where are such decent Democrats today to call out the likes of Ilhan Omar? As with so much happening in the DFL this season, Minnesota reflects and illuminates the evolution of the Democratic Party nationally.


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